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Kula cloth

Kula cloth

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Kula Cloth is a solution for drying the private area after squatting without paper. It is an individually stylish, environmentally friendly and leave-only-footprints solution for camping.

Kula Cloth brings several advantages:

  • Reduces the space and weight of paper rolls in the backpack.
  • Easy to hang to dry on backpack straps or hiking pole.
  • Can be folded twice with snaps, so the drying surface of the towel does not come into contact with the backpack or get dirty.

Using Kula Cloth is easy:

  1. After peeing, dry the skin with the absorbent black side.
  2. The smooth, pictorial side is waterproof, so moisture doesn't get on your fingers.
  3. Hang the Kula Cloth to dry from the buttoned loop.

On short trips, it is not necessary to wash the Kula Cloth immediately. You can throw it in the washing machine when you get home. However, washing is easy:

  • Rinse with water.
  • Wash with Wilderness Wash or similar.
  • Hang to dry.
  • Remember to wash the Kula Cloth away from water.


  • The towel is not intended for wiping the rear side.
  • Combine with the Culo Clean travel bidet and enjoy toilet paper-free hygiene for all needs.

Features of Kula Cloth:

  • Weight: about 14 grams
  • Size: 14cm x 14cm
  • Absorbency: up to 10 times its weight
  • Antimicrobial (silver-treated) fabric suppresses odors
  • Materials: bamboo viscose, cotton and polyester
  • Reflective stitching for easy spotting
  • Made in the USA

Kula Cloth: An environmentally friendly, stylish and practical solution for a cleaner camping experience.

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