What the heck is FuturePeaks?


A small company from Helsinki, whose online store is FuturePeaks, was born after several years of reflection. The desire to contribute to a better future for the earth, people and animals is the biggest background factor behind the founding of the company.

Our future vision is to increase plant-based camping and sports and to reduce consumption and littering. We will never sell everything, but more "hand-selected" good products. You can also submit your wishes to us from our product range.

We also want to support animal protection and e.g. the training of recovering drug addicts with part of our profit. Some of our products are purely charity products. At the same time, they help to increase our selection of plant-based products.

In the future, we will probably also organize guided exercises, trips and training camps. So stay tuned for our activities. The best way to follow us is to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram

The name of the company combines our vision and our passion and can be viewed from many different angles. Future Peaks can be a hope for a better future, which in our eyes is strongly related to plant origin, quality and reducing littering. It also describes future peaks. That is, the mountain peaks that are our passion. And it also illustrates that with our help and products you can reach your own peak. Whatever it is. You choose your own peak, what you aim for. It doesn't necessarily have to be a performance. It can also be a change in life or a change in values.

Well, what is the entrepreneur himself like?

I have been doing endurance training in various forms for years. Trail running, moving in the mountains and long distances are closest to the heart. Camping, cycling, gym and climbing have also been included lately. The well-being that has been gained from these is what i want to share with others as well.

I have worked as a trail running instructor at Suomen latu and in the city of Helsinki and led several group runs in Helsinki. I am trained as a trail running instructor and I have also studied parts of the AMC degree such as "Running School" and "Stress Injuries of the Lower Limbs". Experience from several 50-100km Ultra Runs, running hikes and moving in mountains and planning mountain trips. Researched knowledge about plant-based nutrition and exercise physiology is a matter of my heart. Knowledge should not be based only on feelings or experiences. I'm also a bit of an equipment geek, to put it mildly. High-quality, durable and multi-purpose equipment with carefully thought out details gets me excited.

Best regards


Janne Snellman