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Fire-Maple FMS-300T Titanium gasstove

Fire-Maple FMS-300T Titanium gasstove

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The Fire-Maple FMS-300T is one of the lightest gas stoves on the market, weighing only 45 grams. Thanks to its high-quality titanium alloy structure, the stove is very durable despite its small size. Although the FMS-300T is really small, it still offers 2600 W of power, which is definitely sufficient for the needs of a camping stove.

This stove has won the Gold Design Award at ISPO 2013.


Advantages: light and compact, efficient

Weight: 45 grams

Size: 37 x 52 mm when folded into transport position

Materials: titanium alloy, aluminum, copper

Power: 2600 w

Gas consumption: 185 g/h

Manufacturer: Fire-Maple

Country of manufacture: Far East

Gas bottle and boiler are not included in the price


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